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1.  Q: What types of Vehicles does FCLS have?

     A: FCLS features a fleet of late model Lincoln Town Cars; Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Stretch 
          Limousines, SUV's, Mini-Vans & large  passenger Vans.

2.  Q. How many people and luggage can fit into a sedan?

     A: Our Sedans accommodates up to 4 passengers and up to 3 pieces of luggage depending on size.

3.  Q: I am traveling with my pet. What kind of car can I reserve?

     A: If you are traveling with a pet, a MINI VAN is required for your trip at the Mini-Van rate.

4.  Q: Do I have to bring a Car Seat for my child?

     A: No. FCLS does provide car seats for Children at no extra charge.

5.  Q: Can my kids travel alone?

     A: An adult must accompany Passengers under the age of 18 years traveling. A driver reserves the 
          right to ask for ID for proof of age.

6.  Q: How much should I Tip?

     A: Gratuities Are A Mandatory 20%

7.  Q: What are the Tolls to the Airports?

     A: TO/FROM: JFK or LGA Toll is $5.50. TO/FROM: EWR (NEWARK AIRPORT) Tolls are $10. Tolls for
           round-trip reservations are charged each way. Driver reserves the right to take best route due to 
           traffic/weather conditions.

8.  Q: I have Skis, Snow Board or Golf Clubs. What vehicle should I reserve?

     A: Our Mini-Vans accommodate up to 6 passengers with 4pcs of luggage or 5 passengers with 5pcs
          of luggage, and our SV (Sport Utility Vehicle) accommodate 6 passengers with 6pcs of luggage. If
          you are traveling with a Surf Board, Skis or Golf Clubs, you can reserve our minivan, large
          passenger van, or SUV online, or call 1-877-512-2251 / 1-718-777-7111.

9. Q: How will my Credit Card be charged?

     A:Credit card number taken at time of reserving is for authorization purposes only. Please present
         your credit card to the driver upon pick up. The driver will then provide you a receipt for signature.

         Please take your receipt and credit card from the driver. Once you totaled and signed your receipt,
         that amount will be charged to your credit card account. Please NOTE: Drivers may take up to 4
         days from date of trip before they bring in your signed receipt. Once our billing department has
         received your receipt, your payment will then be processed. That is why the date that will appear
         on your statement does not reflect the date of trip. There is a 5% total on all Credit Card Charges.

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